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Default Help for 35 people

First time cooking for anything more than my family. I'm cooking for a fund raiser dinner. Here is the menu:

Pulled Pork sandwiches

Baked Beans
Mac and Cheese
Corn Bread

I'm cooking for the event ahead of time, vacuum sealing the meat and then reheating in simmering water the day of.

I've only got a WSM 18.5 and would love to get the cooking of meats done in 2 days. So here is what i was thinking, two full packer briskets and 5-6 bone in butts. Cook briskets one day, and then the butts the second day. Does that sound like enough meat for 35-40 adults?

As for the sides i'm thinking of doing a big tray of each, and a few batches of corn bread. Not to sure on those, but it's not as big of an issue as making sure we've got enough meat.

any help would be awesome. Thanks guys.
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