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I attribute the overtenderness over doneness to my laziness. At my core, it is important to know.... I just don't give a ****.

I cook the ****ing thing, there was heat in the PBC after it was done, I have no idea how much so I wrapped it up and let it rest in there. I could give two ****ws if it fell apart because I like it that way. :-)

We are warned all the time about letting a brisket cool a bit before resting.... I estimated it was done and left it in there. My only goal was... would a brisket put on at 9:30 or so be ready for company by 6. Obviously between 4:30 and 5:57 it was ready by everyone's standards as the minutes passed. LOL.... the agreement as to when that was would be up to the audience. When we have countless scores of people that cook these things at death march temps for 12 freaking hours and STILL not get it done... well, get a PBC and you are set. UDS same thing. The PBC, if you like what is coming out of it in my vids... essentially legitimizes "The Edict" ---- that 275 is pretty damn near the ultimate house temp. LOL

NO I do not think hanging it has one thing to do with the tenderness NOR overall greatness of what you see on the vids (if you think is great looking).

Its the temp. Can a master go beyond the PBC ... hell yeah. But for all who have troubles, the PBC seems to hit a sweet spot for all meats with little or no jacking around.

As far as the stretching, the meats actually constrict.. which interestingly enough, cause the meat to distance itself from the coals a bit.

I think the hanging as I said above, contributes to the bark being better than on one horizontally placed the entire cook.

Imagine it this way.... imagine you are making beef jerky.... same smoker, same wood, same house temp.... only thing that's different is..... you have a choice of hanging or laying it on a rack... choose....

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What many people don't realize is that when Donnie toots his own horn, he is using a horn that he made himself from an old UDS and recycled glitter.

How much of an impact do you believe that gravity had on stretching the muscle fibers of the brisket to make it more tender (bordering on too tender)? Do you attribute it all to the form of cooking (vertical vs horizontal)?


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