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Default Easter Ham Bone 2 Choices

Got the bone from the 12# ham my sister cooked for Easter. Trimmed it (not too closely) this morning. Now the decision...

Like any thrifty cook, I intend to simmer this bone for stock. Supposed to be cool (in the 40's) and rainy for the next couple of days, and I have the time to babysit the stockpot. Plus the added bonus of putting the pot outside for the initial cool down before I refrigerate overnight, lift the fat off, then bag and freeze the stock.

Or, I'm thinking about wrapping the bone and freezing it to make the stock later this fall. Freezer space is kind of tight, and I still have about 4 generous helpings of ham and beans in the freezer right now.

I prefer to bag liquids so they are thin and fairly flat when frozen, but I have also had bags torn when someone went rummaging through the freezer and wasn't careful when adding or removing items from the freezer.

Any thoughts?

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