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Originally Posted by Mo-Dave View Post
I would ask what is the advantage of hanging it for a period of time, could it be just to get an overall color?
This is a great question. Here are my findings. It is a change. Whether you like it or not is up to you.

We depend on gravity for many things. Howard Hughes used to draw out the route to and from various functions (dance, studio, acting lessons) for his various stable of "talent" at RKO. The reason being was, if they had perfect breasts and he had them under contract, from an engineering standpoint it would be beneficial to make sure they went along a route that was "bump free."

BBQ is like that. If you are depending on pooling or what not by laying **** down you will have to make an adjustment.

I like it. Smoke, rings, cooking in general is changed when the meat does not pool juices and such. Hanging the meat changes this during a crucial time... those first few hours. I expected to like the affect on chicken... stellar! Ribs, pleasantly surprised --- remember, you should be able to hang about 12 to 14 racks in your UDS. Brisket was good too and didn't expect it to be. One major difference is the bark quality. Bark needs to set early on. If the elements of your rub are layin' in a pool of juices (or its always wet from downward dripping) the crust never quites harden)> After it sets its more likely to be better even after wrapping.
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