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When you become a paying member for $25 you get an extra link at the top of the page under "Quick Links". Click, drop it down and you will see your subscribed threads (different subscription than subscribing to the site -- you can subscribe to a thread by posting in it and you can subscribe to the site for $25 or more, depending on the membership level you choose). Once you've posted in a thread it will consider you a 'subscriber to that thread' and send updates to the 'outside of the site' email address you used to become a member to the site. A lot of other doors will open when you subscribe to the site and the extra info available more than compensates. Every posting in a 'thread you subscribe to' will not be sent to your outside email address inbox. I keep a folder on my computer for threads I'm interested in, I just click the link and go to it. Doesn't matter if it's an old page, a click gets me to the last page. I said 'outside email address' because you also have access to an email address within the site, we call that "Personal Messaging" or PMing.
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