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Originally Posted by wormraper View Post
sorry for yet another newbie post, but I wanna get it right if I possibly can. for my longer smokes I've been using a turkey thermometer and sticking it down one of the top ventilation holes in my weber 22.5 ots to gauge internal temps. but was thinking of drilling in a permanent temp gauge into the kettle lid. My problem is.........I don't know WHICH temp gauge to get. I don't wanna get some cheap POS that will die on me or be innaccurate but don't wanna overpay as well. can anyone recommend a good temp gauge (and where to get it at) that I can drill into my kettle lid?
I've been doing exactly what you do for years now, and personally I think you're trying to fix what ain't broke. Marty suggested an electronic alternative and there are certainly plenty to choose from, but for me an occasionally-calibrated $10 analog probe model does the job. I did think about installing a permanent model but then realized that permanence wouldn't necessarily be good if it affected the size, amount, and placement of items on the cookgrate, and a little bit of stiff wire can be used to position the probe wherever it needs to be.
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