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I got to read that before you edited it! My kinda guy! Rock on Donnie!
Originally Posted by runnoft View Post
All that stuff about kids sleeping and coffee making and your personal life really doesn't make me overly interested in the rest of your video that is supposed to be about BBQ. I bailed on the coffee maker scene. Don't mean to be insulting to you but If I wanted a pro video I would go to the internet not BBQ Brethren although their are a lot of pros that don't blow their own horn on the BBQ Brethren. They don't have too others do it for them.. Just my 2 cents
The video maker is the one that decides what a video is supposed to be about. Lemme see if I can find anywhere where Donnie said he was going at a pro video? From my perspective he is just doing something he loves to do as so many of us do, and while he is at it, he helps others out which is A+ in my book, you just get a big red X for this buddy! Go stand in the corner!
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