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Default "Stacked" Breakfast Enchiladas

I grilled some chicken thighs, then cooked scallions in butter until tender and scrambled a few eggs..

heated tortillas...

and started building.

hot tortilla, scrambled eggs...

sliced grilled chicken...

topped with hatch chilies and queso fresco...

repeated with another hot tortilla, scrambled eggs, grilled chicken, hatch chilies and cheese...

last layer was hot tortilla, grilled chicken and queso fresco...

back into the cooker until heated through and the cheese was melted..

Then I topped the whole thing with some green chili sauce that came from New Mexico.

added an egg...and called it good.

I knew that there was no way I could eat the whole thing so I cut it in half.

I'll definitely make this again!

Thanks for looking!

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