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Default My first (minor) smoke on a kettle (limited pr0n)

Well, it actually felt like SPRING today for the first time in about a year....that farking wind FINALLY died down and it was 60! So, cooked some beef backs on a 26.75" Weber. Ha- they look pretty small in that big boy.

It was my first try at using the minion circle method, or whatever it's called. I was happily surprised at how steady the temp stayed at 215. I've never cooked that low before but had decided to let the kettle stay wherever it landed, if it was a good enough temp.

So, it stayed at ~ 215 for ~6 hours w/o no vent adjustment.

I just salted/peppered the ribs, then sauced (homemade) the last 20 mins or so. Only about 1/2 the ring of KBB was burned. Toothpick probed for doneness. Ribs came out pretty good.

Next time I get a rack of pork ribs I'll do them on the kettle instead of the WSM and see what happens. Thanks for looking.
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