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Default Can I cut up a brisket for multiple cooks?

Ok, I know this is probably sacrilege around here, but I gotta know. A little backstory...I raise my own beef, which is a smaller breed. I asked the butcher for brisket this last time around but ended up with some really small cuts, like 1.5lbs or something, that don't have the right shape to even identify as point or flat, at least to my inexperienced eye.

So, since you guys are always going on and on about brisket, I went and bought one at Costco today. It's not huge, only about 7.5lbs, but I am thinking I would like to divide it so I can have a few tries at cooking this type of cut.

I live alone, so I won't eat too much of it at any one sitting. I know I can freeze what I don't use, but it's not that I can't eat it all as much as I just would like to take a few tries at the cook. I have a freezer full of beef, lamb, and pork from my own animals, so it's just not likely that I'm going to keep buying these. It took a lot to convince myself to purchase this one, and I blame all of you! But yeah, I really wanna see what it's all about, and I'd like to have a couple tries at it.

So, can I cut it up? If so, how? Upon reflection, I guess if I cut it into small roasts I will basically end up with what I already have from my butcher, so I think I know the answer. Still, I'm curious what you guys think. Ok, go easy on me.
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