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Default the kettle vs. the bullet

Hey brethren,

For those of ya'll who have smoked on both the kettle and the bullet, was there a HUGE significant difference in the product turnout? Let's omit mistakes and say that all things gone right, was there a difference?

I ask because I was in the process of getting a custom made smoker but the only pit builder near where I live never got back to me. So, I guess for now, it's going to have to be a lineup of kettles or a WSM until I can plan an out-of-state trip for a smoker.

If the larger WSM has two cooking racks and costs 400, I can get 2 kettles for 200 (in addition to my kettle now, which I'm very pleased with) and it's the same cooking area. Well, minus a bit because I'll have to place the coals on the opposite end of the meat on the kettle and thus, subtracting from the cooking area but no biggie.

What do ya'll think?

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