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Yes, but this update doesn't have much good news.

I ran some more tests but the controller keeps overshooting the desired temp. I think the PID algorithm is throttling the fan too late so I will start playing with the PID settings. To make sure it's the settings and not the algorithm itself I swapped out my PID code for the WPI code you linked above (thanks for that!). That took a while because the WPI code had a lot of stuff that I didn't want/need. Even though the controller is overshooting the temp it's pretty cool to be able to chart a cook.

I did some re-wiring over the weekend so I can run the controller from a battery (I was getting tired of snaking an extension cord out of my second-story window). Like a complete moron I didn't pay attention to the polarity and fried my IOIO board when I attached the battery. *sigh* If I had paid an iota of attention to what I was doing it would have been averted but no, I'm an idiot. I can verify that an IOIO puts out a lot of smoke when you reverse the input polarity. Anyway, a new one is on the way and it'll take me some time to reassemble it.

While waiting for it to arrive I've been taking the time to work on the web server part and other additions. Once I get a basic web page working I'll move on to adding alarms.
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