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This is the top of the line and from all of the above comments is WAY to finicky. It does have the seal button. I use FS bags and also the one with the 2" white strip in it to soak up moisture before it hits the seal. As for insuring that the seal edge is dry... How do you do chili or stew. There is no way to get chili or stew into a bag and not get any on the upper inside of the bag. I suppose if you use a teaspoon to put it in it might work. I really think this thing is to difficult to use. From above, bag must be perfectly flat, edge must go all the way into the seal point, if the bag curls the seal will fail and on and on. The machine is on auto pilot so when you insert the bag it senses it and starts to suck. Well if the bag isn't in the correct position the vacuum fails. But like I said auto pilot you have no control on when the vacuum kicks in. So you got one shot to get it right or throw the bag away and start over. There has to be a better alternative, has to be.
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