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Originally Posted by superlazy View Post
Look shop where you want, Sams here want's almost $5lb No buy from me.
Wife checked for me yesterday at GFS while my broken butt sat in the truck
$2.40 something.
I miss having a good butcher around here
Look I don't care for wally world!! Heck I will not go into the new one here unarmed but will not see me bash the store for making a profit! Umm that is why the are in business
Not sure where you were going with this post? The reason im mad is because most of the meat you see at walmart's across the usa most likely doesnt even come from the usa. So theres no reason prices couldnt be straight across the board state to state. The only reason its cheaper in some states is the competition from local cattle farms ..ect..ect And because there isnt a whole lot of cattle farms in my state, we get crap end of the stick. It is what it is.

Bad reference since the pics clearly state "product of USA" But ive seen alot that says from other countrys.

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