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Originally Posted by Bbq Bubba View Post
I would prequalify this as your problem. NO 2 briskets are alike. Cooking meats to identical time and temp will give you maybe 50% success. You need to cook each piece to the same FEEL. Size of brisket, marbeling, aging all have to do with how that 1 piece will cook.
For example, i cook 32-48 briskets every night. I start probing around 12 hrs and pull the last 1 off maybe 15 hrs later.
Try to learn when a piece of meat is finished by feel rather than time and temp.
A year ago, I would have argued with you to no end. I can do it by feel as well, that's how I learned. It was when I started competing that I started working on a timed cook. With FAR better than 50-50 success. This year, it's been 50-50. So, it's back to the tried and true. I'll give myself some more time, and work around it.

Originally Posted by caseydog View Post
I haven't noticed any kind of a trend. I have always found good meat and not so good meat on a pretty random basis. I buy choice ribeyes from COSTCO regularly, and have only had a few that weren't up to my expectations.

I buy chuck for grinding, and it seems pretty normal.

Are you buying from Hirsch's?

Only when I need Wagyu. But I do have a lot of respect for that market. I'm loyal to my current butcher, because I've had a lot of success with his product, far more success than failures. And today, I feel my failures are my own, and not the meat.

The thing I still feel pretty confident about is that my time/temp process works like a charm on premium quality/highly graded beef. Always has. But this past year has really got me to realize what so many on here have preached for a long time. The meat will tell you when it's ready. A very minor and easy adjustment for me at a comp, or in the back yard.
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