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Default Santa Maria BBQ Style

I'm becoming very fond of using my small Santa Maria style BBQ pit that I picked up from Santa Maria BBQ Outfitters many years ago, and I can turn out a decent steak and tri tip (OK, better than decent)

I've tried doing chicken halfs and quarters, but w/o the success. I've searched all over looking for different recipes and techniques with little results.

Is anybody aware of a cookbook or website out there that has assembled some recipes and guidelines on using this type of grill? I try to watch the Cooks when I go to SLO, but they are using much larger grills. It seems that it's easier to get a consistant fire than on a small one. They just throw on a few full logs when needed - if they flare, it's no big big deal because the grill is 2+ feet above the fire. If I build a big fire, it gets way too hot, so I end up with a small fire and the grill is much closer to the fire - I spend alot of time adjusting the grill height and playing with the fire. It's not a huge deal (heck, I'm more of a "Type A" whe it comes to Q'n anyway). When I get the fire just right - oh man! Just love the flavor. The sear/char and the way the fat tastes on Ribeyes Absolutely Fantastic. Other times I miss a bit and can't get it quite right. It's still good, but not what I think it should be.

Would be nice to come up with a few new recipes.......

Any thoughts or insights appreciated.
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