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Originally Posted by Gig'em99 View Post
I know that the cows weren't starved. But there was also a lot of changes in the corn market. Corn prices went up, as supply was impacted. Made me wonder if the cattle were being finished the same way, or if the corn was being supplemented with anything else.

Also, yes, last years drought is what I'm referring to specifically, because the beef being sold now was alive through it, being finished during it. This year's drought will impact tomorrow's beef...or it will if my theory has any validity to it at all.

Yea, I was talking about briskets specifically, but the strip comparison is very interesting. I guess some of the tri tips I've cooked lately also seems to have some toughness that I'm not accustomed to.

Any others out there feel like beef quality has changed recently?

Definitely not trying to make a dig at the producers/ranchers, you guys are managing your herds accordingly.
I haven't noticed any kind of a trend. I have always found good meat and not so good meat on a pretty random basis. I buy choice ribeyes from COSTCO regularly, and have only had a few that weren't up to my expectations.

I buy chuck for grinding, and it seems pretty normal.

Are you buying from Hirsch's?

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