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Originally Posted by Gig'em99 View Post
My normal prequalification process is all met, but when I'm expecting the briskets to be ready...they're not. Or one will be perfect, and another from the same case is chewy. (cooked at the exact same time, wrapped at the same time, held to the same temp conditions, etc)

So, anyone else experiencing this?
I would prequalify this as your problem. NO 2 briskets are alike. Cooking meats to identical time and temp will give you maybe 50% success. You need to cook each piece to the same FEEL. Size of brisket, marbeling, aging all have to do with how that 1 piece will cook.
For example, i cook 32-48 briskets every night. I start probing around 12 hrs and pull the last 1 off maybe 15 hrs later.
Try to learn when a piece of meat is finished by feel rather than time and temp.
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