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Originally Posted by Untraceable View Post
100% of my brisket problems are due to undercooking. It doesn't matter whatever you rub with, that's just a percentage of the flavor profile. Keeping the flat super moist should be the question.

I know it would be expensive, but it would be an interesting experiment to intentionally leave some on after a well tuned expert said "it is done" and see exactly how long the window actually IS low and slow to hot and fast. The perception from the neophyte perspective is that you hone only seconds to spare when it is done. If you KNEW that you had 30-45 minutes HNF and an hour or two low and slow....well then you could chill a bit :-).

The frequency the old hands check at gives some "feel for this"..........."check every 30 minutes after the IT hits 200f, pull when it probes like butter".

But if you cook HNF like some do, say 300, wrap in butcher paper after the first 4 hours, then check at some interval until it probes done, what happens if you leave it on an extra hour AFTER it probes done ??

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