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It is very hard to communicate with text on the WWW

I never intended to "ding" folks who ask questions.
My post was meant to be about the folks who answer the questions, but do more to complicate the situation than fix the problem.

This post nails the concept I was talking about.

Originally Posted by Fo Sizzle My Nizzle View Post
When I joined here last year I had never cooked a brisket before. After seeing all the "help me" threads everyday, I thought this must be a tough cut of meat to cook. Some people sounded down right scared to cook the thing. People that have been putting it off for YEARS!! That combined with the landslide of advice saying how brisket SHOULD be cooked and not always necessarily how it COULD be cooked made it seem intimidating.
All over the WWW are folks who make it seem like VooDoo or something and in many cases do not even read the question completely.
I have seen folks state that it took hundreds or thousands of practice briskets to get it right.
I recently saw a reply that told the OP they needed to buy a different smoker if they wanted to cook brisket.

Best example I can give is that many times, all the OP needed to do was cook it longer. Not always, but that is the answer to many of the problems encountered.
But, there follows a avalanche of "cook it hotter", "cook it cooler", "mess with the fat cap (more or less), and so forth till the OP would need to change each and every thing they did. And, that is if they could even figure out all the changes folks recommend.

Bottom line, IMHO, is that many of us make it harder to cook brisket (and other things) when our goal should be to help make it easier.

If I were just coming into the wonderful world of brisket cooking right now, I doubt seriously that I would have the nerve to try one based on the info on the WWW these days

Lots of good posts above.

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