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Originally Posted by garzanium View Post
That would be genious timing for HD to put it on "sale" before switching over to the everyday price. There are some fools on a separate thread that is four pages long that bulk purchased at the n"ew regular price".. Oh wait... I was one of those fools lol!

I love Lowe's and Mine even has stuff in korean language haha. Love KB too. I can get HEB brand coal at a lower price, but it's made in Mexico, rather buy American.

HD really doesn't have to switch over to the EDLP slogan. It has been proven that the world "SALE" drives people in the doors no matter what the price and they have the dollars in sales over Lowe's to back it up.

Comparing HD's #'s to Lowe's #'s is proof enough as to who is the king of the hill.

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