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Originally Posted by Rockin W BBQ View Post
Can't wait to see the finished product looks like a good start. I have been interested in doing this for a while just have not had the time to research and convert the shop refrigerator. This week I was looking around to possibly buy a few dry aged steaks to decide if the difference is worth the time & money involved.

My question for you is how did you decide on the humidity level that you are using?

The reason I ask is while looking for dry aged steaks at Pat La Frieda's website ( they say "The environment in our aging rooms is meticulously maintained to a temperature of 35 degrees and less than 10% humidity."
Honestly the money you would spend on dry aged steaks would be about the same I have invested in everything. Which is about $150 including the prime rib.

I keep my humidity between 70-80% humidity, that is the ideal humidity for aging steaks without having the meat dry out too fast and halts enzymatic breakdown, which is what makes the beef more tender. After 34 days the enzymatic breakdown stops and after that all you get is moisture loss for a more intense beef flavor.

I'd take what any company says with a grain of salt, 10% is just too low and would desiccate the meat too fast.
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