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Default New Offer for Golden-Dog. for sales partner only

There have been enough reviews to support Golden-DOG here.
Golden-DOG also receives many positive feedbacks on eBay.
Now I can proudly claim that Golden-DOG is better than Auber technically.
Retail price of Golden-DOG is $99.
One post says that Auber has promotional price of $140(eBay price $189.86 plus shipping $13).
I think IQ110 or Nano is one or two generations behind and I simply ignore them.

Obviously I am bad salesman. I need partners to work togerther.
My offer is
1.I send to sales partners 10 sets of Golden-Dog in advance
2.suggest retail price $99
3.the partner pays me $58 after each success sale
4.When partners get familiar with market, we can together register a new brand name in States, change to a new casing/housing, new design of plug/socket. Retail price will be same as Auber. and I will quit direct selling Golden-DOG by my self.

But the headache is whom I shall select as my partners.
I prefer strong business background/experience and great sales plan.
What is your suggestion
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