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Originally Posted by AustinKnight View Post
The_Kapn- I have been here for a long time and have watched all the "cultural" changes--both good and bad.
Brisket has become the most frequently discussed and fought about item I have ever seen--and for no reason I can figure out.

It seems to be apparent that the reason for this is new brethren wanting to know all that we've learned and needing help, so as nice breathren we do just that in are own way technique etc.

There are folks that consider it the "holy grail" and say ya gotta do "this, that, and the other" to make some sort of nirvana brisket.

I don't think I've ever read about someone dictating this is the only way brisket can be cooked my way or the highway mentality doesn't seem to be the nature of this here brethren.

Foil, Paper, nothing--225, 250, 275, 300, 325--just pick a Farking technique and a number and cook the Farking meat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To each his own you should've also included sous vide

I think 90% of the more of the "help me" brisket threads are due to under cooking. SIMPLE

I couldn't agree more, practice makes perfect.

Back when I first starting competing in 2004, brisket was our best category and remained so to the end in 2010. Although we were not "nationally" ranked, we were always contenders.
We injected, cooked, foiled, and sliced the flat with cubed point around the sides--simple!

I'm willing to bet you spent weekend honing your craft that leads me back to practice and I'm sure you put in work before you put your name on it. Am I wrong?

For folks that view Texas as the birthplace of BBQ Brisket (which I am not uncomfortable with)--do you really think the folks in the past made it so complicated???

Keeping it simple is something of a tradition around here. I don't think anythings complicated about bbq I think it's over thought most the time.

For those of you who claim that ya gotta cook a hundred or a thousand briskets to get the "feel right"--how do you sleep with that kind of crap!
Brisket is one of the easier meats to cook IMHO~

I sleep very well and am a firm believer of BluDawgs BBQ RULES, back to practice your making it sound like you came out swingin moist tender brisket without having a few cooks under your belt, did I miss something here?

But, what in the heck do I know??


Conclusion: People may say it's easy or nothing to it but at one point it was a challenge and without cooking more asking questions an trying new things you will never learn.Nice rant though
I applaud you're conviction. Everyone here is entitled to their own opinion. And you make yours known. Stand-up! Respect those whom have gone before you, as they have paved your way>
Peace out!
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