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Originally Posted by landarc View Post
Hmmm, brisket costs $5 a pound, burger meat costs $4 a pound, steak costs $9 a pound, seems like brisket is still a great deal. Plus, you can always make it into chili.

Brisket is actually quite forgiving if all you want is to make a tasty meal. And there are ways to save it if you miss a little. For instance, over-cook it, just slice it a little thick, it will hold together just fine. Undercook? Then slice it 'wafer' thin, it will be fine. Too dry, add some jus and sauce, too moist, tell me what you did, I would like to know.

I'm assuming this question was for me. Please forgive my communication skills as I'm an engineer and usually, very socially awkward.

What I should have said was the perception of cooking brisket, to noobs like myself, is that there is a window that it must be pulled at or it is garbage.

I emphasize the word perception.

If you look back at my posts, you'll see that I have not yet done a brisket as I have yet to find a local supplier, but when they were carried at my local Wally World, (before I purchased my WSM), they were an expensive cut of meat if I were to screw it up.

I can spend 8 dollars for 2 pounds of ground beef for chili, I don't want to spend $57 for brisket chili.

The point I was trying to make is that I understand where the newbies are coming from, but I also see where the vets like yourself get frustrated with the posts. I have never personally asked for brisket help, nor will I in the future, because all of the info I need is right here at my fingertips.

Personally, I just don't click on posts that don't interest me, but I can see where maybe there is a data storage issue for redundant posts.

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