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Originally Posted by marubozo View Post
I think this can be said for all BBQ, not just brisket. Rub recipes with 25+ ingredients, injections, no injections, foiling, no foil, fat side up or fat side down, mop or no mop, yada yada.

Why does it need to be so complicated? It shouldn't be. For fark's sake, we're just cooking a piece of meat that's already delicious in its own right and making it a little better.

1. Get a high quality product to start with.
2. Know how to manage your cooker and smoke.
3. Use a simple rub and/or sauce that simply compliments the meat and smoke flavors instead of trying to make it the star of the show.
4. Pull the meat when it's done.

There you have it. A recipe for good BBQ with a little bit of practice. Like you said, pick a method and stick with it. After some practice you will have it dialed in and make consistently good product. Any method can and does work, but if you're jumping to try some new trick every time a cook doesn't turn out perfectly instead of trying to improve on what may have gone wrong you aren't learning anything and are instead just trying to chase a secret formula that may or may not even work for your processes and setup.
Well said.

I'll add that a lot of backyard folks are trying to attain comp BBQ.

In comp, you are constantly re-inventing your process to gain an edge.

Most of the people I see here are backyard folks.

Cook what tastes good to you unless you're competing.

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