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Originally Posted by cjs27410 View Post
Thanks to everyone that contributed to this thread.
Here’s my UDS. $5 barrel and around $95 spent at Lowes. It took me a couple of weeks from start to finish using this thread as a step by step how to. Cooked a couple of “Boston Roasts” on Easter Friday. Started the charcoal chimney at 4:45 waited for nice blue smoke at around 6:15 before the butts hit the smoker. The small one, 5lbs, took 10 hours @ 235-265. The large one, 7.5 lbs took around 12 hours. Pulled the small one at 195 and the large one at 185. Rested both of them for an hour or so. A crowd of – I can’t wait to see what it tastes like – friends ate all of the Q before I could get a finished product photo. Next time I’m going to do 4.


Nice work! Can you tell me where you got the hook for your lid? I have been trying to find something and havent had any luck. Is it a part of your handle assembly? Thanks
The handle is from a pressurized water can that had rusted. 5/16 threads. The hook is a piece of shifter linkage from my pile of junk container.
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