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Originally Posted by etcetrah View Post
Is there something special about the Himalayan salt? I have heard of dry aging, but don't know anything about it, so pardon my ignorance if this is common knowledge.
the Himalayan sea salt helps pull moisture out of the prime rib while keeping it from getting mold or other bacteria on the surface of the beef. If you don't use the salt it would take a a lot longer to get the same results.

Originally Posted by Hometruckin View Post
Really nice I am looking to do exactly that!
great! Beef tastes so much better when it's dry aged

Originally Posted by Mattlsmith View Post
Please share directions as I have always wanted to set this same thing up?
Sure! All I did was to on Craigslist and found a mini fridge with no auto defrost for $20! I then got a 120mm computer fan and wired it to a 12v power adapter I had laying around. I went and picked up a calphalon roasting rack and some Anchor glassware, or any 9x13 will be fine. I picked up a 5lb bag of coarse grain Himalayan sea salt for $19 shipped from Since I had a place close by and picked up a Ranco ETC 111000. I bought it unwired for $50 or you can buy it online prewired. If you ned help wiring it you can PM me. The ranco needs to be set at a constant 34-35 degrees with 70%-80% humidity. Then just put whatever you want in th fridge and wait for the magic to happen
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