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Since I eyeball everything my recipe is hard to follow.


Chop Crisco into flour then add buttermilk, stir together until the dough is only slightly sticky. Take a piece of wax paper and put some flour on it, then roll the dough in the flour and knead until slightly firm. Press out and cut out biscuits. Cook at 450 until golden brown on top.

Fry sausage in pan
remove sausage, leave grease in pan.
Stir in 1 or 2 tablespoons of flour into hot grease with salt and pepper. Important to get the right amount of seasoning here, because later is too late. one the flour is incorporated into the grease, add milk and stir till smooth. If you have a hand blender, it will help break up any lumps until you get the hang of it. Gravy takes practice.
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