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I like to cook, always have ever since I first helped grandma in the kitchen. Growing up I always wanted a little food shack. Instead I end up in a different job all togather. Over the years I started giving away the rub I made for my BBQ since it was getting alot of compliments from friends and family. Finally took the rub commercial.

Now I get semi-paid to cook and practice, since I post pictures of the meals to Facebook to help promote my products. the more I cook and post, long as it looks good.. results in selling product. Sometimes things just don't look all that great but taste good, other times looks like crap but taste good. It's the Spark of an idea that I want to instill something that makes them go , "Oh.. I have to try that"

Master BBQ, I would say not in this lifetime... least for me, but the journey will be tasty.
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