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This thread has a bunch of information from great minds on how to cook a great brisket. However, after reading this entire the thread, I think the most valuable lesson is that no part of bbq is a science. You cannot cook a great brisket simply by reading this thread. It's going to take practice and experience. Franklin or whoever may cook their triple ultra marbled super quality just alive one minute ago brisket at 312.5 degrees and great brisket and joe schmoe may cook his mildew covered piece of meat which looks more like a shoe at 225 and get a great brisket. There is no single temperature, method, or cooker to achieving great brisket. It is not like there is some secret that all the greats are keeping to themselves. Trial and error is the only secret to success. This forum is best served to learn from other people's trial and error so you dont have to come upon error as much but ultimately it is something you will have to go through in order to make good brisket. Therefore, if you are thinking of buying a pellet cooker just to achieve good brisket I highly suggest you do not. It will not change your brisket IMHO. What will is practice and learning from the people here.
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