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Default Grilling Area on Deck: Fire Resistant Materials?

Hey Guys:
As the snow slowly melts from my backyard, the wife and I are starting to plan a remodel of the deck in our backyard. The whole area immediately outside our back door is either wood deck or swimming pool. The deck is low, only 1-1.5 feet off the ground. Right now in a corner between the house and the porch, I have set a 3 x 6 area of brick pavers directly on the wood deck and this is where I use my smoker and kettle grill pretty much year round. Putting the pavers on top of the wood really shortens the life of the wood deck as they keep a layer of moisture on the woods that rarely drys. Not a big issue up to now since the deck was at the end of its life and we just moved in a couple of years ago.

So this year we are going to remodel this section of the deck, and I'm looking for suggestions for materials to do a larger section with a fire resistant material to make grilling safer and less likely to end up with burn marks from dropped coals etc. I have an area that sort of defines itself that's about 10 x 12 that I'm looking at. I'd still like it framed so it's at the same level of the rest of the deck.

Do any of you guys have any suggestions for me?

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