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If budgeting becomes a factor try to grab meat when its on sale. I love to cook Chicken thighs because i think its a huge challenge and I love the finished product. Some cut of chicken is almost always on sale so keep your eyes peeled. Same goes for Pork.

When/If you approach your wife about the cooks and money is an issue show her the value in you cooking in bulk, you can bring the results in for lunch and save money instead of eating out every day. Also, it would probably help to get her involved. Summer is coming up, tell her to invite some friends over for a pot luck dinner party. You can turn your hobby into something you both can enjoy by sharing it with others. She can whip up some sides, you can smoke some meats and your friends can supply the booze. Win/win for everyone; she gets drunk and you get to do what you love. Probably get lucky to boot.
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