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Originally Posted by Just BS View Post
I think we all have the same frustrations when we stepped into the world of BBQ'ing on the UDS. Shoot. I used to walk around with the thermo reciever and stare at it every 30 seconds... now I leave it on the counter and check on it every now and again, but the difference between 250 and 262 ain't worth stressing over. Besides it'll be 247 in a bit anyways.

But I digress. Have you cooked with a cap off and your ball valve closed yet? I'm running 3/4" intakes, so we're a bit different, but once I figured out what my UDS's temp was with a constant intake, it help me better understand how to control the ball valve. NOTE: Once you add an exhaust your temps will increase.

Anyways, your food looks good. Enjoy it! BBQ, like life, is more about the journey than it is the destination.
Good stuff +1
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