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Originally Posted by Perfect Rack BBQ View Post
We did our first cook in the Assassin this past weekend and our results were all over the place. Finding alot of hotspots, cooking times are much, much shorter. Everything was getting over cooked. Any tips from anyone ????

Interesting. Tell us some more. What did you cook, at what temps, how long, where in the Assassin - wet or dry, type / brand of fuel, guru / no guru, chuncks added / no chuncks added.

I've cooked twice now in my Assassin, twice after the initial burn. Used the guru both times, using KF Comp Briquets and chunks added to firepan.

I had surprisingly good results. Thighs and legs first cook, 19 lb. beef brisket second cook. Did the chicken with water pan dry, did the brisket water pan wet.

I did not do the biscuit all around the cook chamber test looking for hotspots . . .

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