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Lol. Last year, when my smoking "career" began, and after reading so much here about the Glory of The Brisket and the "difficulty" of cooking it correctly, I decided, after several butt/picnic cooks, to hence set forth and try my hand at the Holy Grail Of Q....I had never even seen a brisket before (sheltered life i guess )...I can't remember what store I was in when I finally found the brisket. When I saw the price, I literally said, aloud, in front of other customers of all ages, are you "farking kidding me??!".

My personal economics will have to improve (or I'll have to emigrate to the Republic of Texas) before I fork over that kind of dough for a hunk of cow that I may render nearly inedible on the WSM. I guess I could thin the Weber kettle herd, but that would be like giving my own children away.
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