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Originally Posted by caseydog View Post
I just looked at a satellite view of Bayou Vista, Texas on Google maps. You have a street in front of every house for cars, and a canal behind every house for boats? That is COOL.

I don't envy the air quality where you live, but I'd love to have a boat in the backyard.

In that sandy soil, big, "balloony" tires will keep you from rutting the yard, but will still be a PITA to move. I camp on the Beach on Bolivar peninsula on a regular basis. Even lawns down there can be soft.

I always bring boards to level my camper, even though it doesn't weigh much. Have you thought about ripping some 4X8 plywood into strips to roll your smoker across the yard?

Air quality is great.....right off of west bay......breeze everyday......
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