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somebody shut me the fark up.
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No, that would be a Stuffed MOINK, and I am not certified to judge Stuffed MOINK. There are also no certification requirements for Stuffed MOINK, thus no Stuffed MOINK Certificate exists.

However, if you take a picture of them, and they look like legitimate MOINK, and you don't tell me they are stuffed, I would be none the wiser and would probably give you a certificate anyway! Then you can tell all your friends how you pulled one over on those stodgy, tempermental IMBAS Overlords.

Otherwise, if your balls clearly do not live up to MOINK standards, then I will just invoke my authority as a IMBAS Certified MOINK Ball Judge and IMBAS Certified Certifier and deny your entry, which will bring me great pleasure and bring you exquisite agony and regret for failing to produce acceptable MOINK, feelings which I will relish with uninhibited abandon!

If your balls are approved and I later receive undeniable proof from you at a later time that you received an official MOINK Certificate for illegitimate balls, then I will publicly revoke your certificate and express all of the joys and frolicking as previously mentioned while doing so. This can of course be rectified at a later time by submitting legitimate balls.

So, as you can see, I am flexible.
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