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somebody shut me the fark up.

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It takes us about 1 hour or a little less to both set up and tear down and we bring everything in the back of a pickup truck bed. The cooker is a tow behind.

Our list is simple:
1 bin with most all the "stuff". It's not even a super large bin (about 16"x24")
3 - 4' fold up tables
1 - cambro with all the meats
1 - cooler for drinks, injections, sauces and parsley
1 - chair for each of us (3 ppl)
2 - Air matresses
1 - bucket with ratchet straps, bungee cords, etc.
1 - 10'x20' pole canopy (which is stored in 1 LARGE bin and poles are bungee'd together
1 - portable radio
2 - box fans
MAYBE 1 extra 10x10 EZ up, depending upon weather forecast
PLUS duffle bags with clothes, personal hygene, etc.

Cords, hose, wood, charcoal, pans, (and 1 other bin with supplies) etc are kept on/in the pit

And we STILL have stuff in our bins that don't get used.
We can get our entire camp into a 10'x30' space (not counting parking the truck).

I know you weren't actually asking about what people take to events, but I'm just showing how LITTLE we've found we actually need, and little we need to pack and unpack.

Honestly....if we decide to take 3 EZ ups instead of the big 10'x20' pole King Canopy, we're unleaded and set up in about 20 minutes.
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