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Originally Posted by Cayman1 View Post
Thank the elected officials in DC for a lot of this problem, they are the ones that passed the requirement that 30% or so of all corn production must go to produce ethanol. Never mind about food for people or livestock. Di**heads!

I think it is a location thing though, I just paid $3.39 for CAB packers.
I live three blocks from a working horse and cattle ranch. This field that I drive by daily was pretty much empty in the summer of 2011. If we have another big drought, the cattle will be sold off, again, although this ranch does grow it's own hay -- enough to last through a NORMAL year.

I also live in a state that was ravaged by drought in 2011. Ranchers are starting to stock up again, after being faced in 2011-2012 with the decision of selling off stock, or buying expensive hay to feed them. The Midwest had it's big drought last summer. Double whammy.

Corn is generally only used in feed lots to fatten the cattle up right before final sale. On ranches, the preferred (cheapest) feed is grass growing naturally in the fields. And, corn is actually bad for cattle. They can eat it, if you pump them full of antibiotics.

I know it's fun to blame government for things, but in this case, mother nature was the biggest culprit.

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