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Default WSM observations and questions

Greetings Brethren,

I have one cook under my belt on the WSM and I have a couple of questions.

I started out with an 8 lb. bag of lump and lit it using the minion method. All three bottom vents set at 25% open until the temp reached about 180 (top vent wide open) and then I closed two bottom vents with the 3rd set at about 25% open. Temp settled in around 250 (Dome thermometer) and only fluctuated by about 20 for the duration of a 5 hour cook with a 13 lb. ham and a foiled water pan.

White smoke poured from every crack and crevice of the WSM (the door I expected) for about 30 minutes before there was no visible smoke at all (I didn't use any smoking wood).

Does that time sound right?

When I went to clean it, I was a little surprised at how much charcoal had been burnt for 5 hours. I'm guessing it's because it isn't seasoned and is pulling air in from the joints (lid, barrel, bowl) of the cooker, but was hoping for feedback from others.

I really did my homework here before I even bought it and let me tell you, she is a solid cooker. I was almost bored not having to fiddle around with it during the cook.

I was going to replace the door with the Cajun Bandit SS one, but I'm not sure I need to now.

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