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somebody shut me the fark up.

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Originally Posted by Cayman1 View Post
Thank the elected officials in DC for a lot of this problem, they are the ones that passed the requirement that 30% or so of all corn production must go to produce ethanol. Never mind about food for people or livestock. Di**heads!

I think it is a location thing though, I just paid $3.39 for CAB packers.
Or you could thank the corn lobbyists who pushed for laws making it illegal to sell ethanol that is not corn sourced.

Truth is, there is low cost beef out there, but, you have to want the right cut in the right location. Right now, tri-tip could not be easier to find out here. Cheap and plentiful, and some really good looking ones. No kidding though, many of the higher end butcher shops are selling brisket and even packers, if you ask. And that is really different from the past in CA.
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