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Originally Posted by Pappy View Post
I have been too chicken to try H&F. How many pounds was it and how long did it take. I'm afraid I would start in the morning and it wouldn't be done in time for supper.
It was 9 lbs and took almost 6 hrs in the UDS, then 2 hrs resting. That's plenty of time for dinner. Started mine at 9 in the morning.
High Heat/Hot & Fast is the only way to go!

Originally Posted by VA-Dave View Post
Looks great, how was it?

It was great! Very tender. Next time I'll cut WAY back on the salt.

Originally Posted by jmoney7269 View Post
Too salty? Lol, you coated it with 3 rubs which all contain salt. I have tried the tri level dirt dalmatian also and thought it was too salt for My tastes and test rats i invited over. remember when donnie cooks his on his big pit, the briskets get flopped around, dripped on each other etc so alot of the seasoning comes off. On the UDS it just sits there and never looses seasoning so ya gotta go alot lighter. Next time try it just like this and I guarantee you will be happy. Less is more on brisket. Good lookin briskie!
That is so true! I scratched off most of the bark. It was a great piece of meat!!
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