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Default 1st Brisket on the WSM

Okay, so I had 12 -15 people to feed yesterday after church. I am getting tired of pulled pork so I decided to step up to the big leagues - Brisket! Picked up a 10# packer on sale at HEB. Trimmed, rubbed, and injected with Cajun Injector's mesquite bbq marinade (Christmas gift from my kids). Threw it on the WSM at 8:30 Saturday morning with the IQUE set for 260. Foiled at 170 (hey, if it's good enough for Aaron, who am I to argue?). At 3:00, the IT probe read 200 in the flat. Checked with Thermapen, point was pure butter, but the flat had some spots that didn't feel ready. At 3:30. IT read 206 and everything probed good. Coolered for an hour, then unwrapped, tented for an hour until IT read 180. Rewrapped and refrigerated until Sunday morning at 11:00 when it went into oven set at 230 while I worked the sound board at church. When I opened it and started to slice, the end two inches were stringy, wouldn't stay together. Just when I thought we were going to have pulled beef, it started to slice okay, although I had to go with a bit thicker than I wanted. Point was melty goodness, flat just a tad dry to me. Only 7 hours at 260 -275, how did it get dry? Everybody loved it and the chickens and ribs (6 hours on the offset) were pretty much perfect. They stood in line for leftovers to take home. Guess it was okay, but...
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