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Default Lamb Score!

We have a fairly large Jewish community here in New Orleans. A couple of years ago I figured out that the best time to buy lamb was just after Passover (around Easter). The grocers stock up for Passover and put any leftovers on sale afterwards.

Last night I went to Winn Dixie and they had marked their legs of lamb down from $6.99/lb to $2.99/lb (and no, not because they were expiring. The dates are still good.) I bought a about an 8 1/2 leg for ~$26! Not bad. They still had about a dozen last night.

So here's my question: I usually debone my lamb legs and cook them med-rare over lump on my homemade rotisserie with garlic, rosemary, and lemon juice. I was wondering if anyone barbecues them. I know mutton is popular in Kentucky, but I never here anyone talking about lamb.

It seems to have a nice layer of fat. I was thinking of treating it like a pork shoulder and making a black sauce.

Anyone have any insight?

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