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Originally Posted by Hogtie N' Ride View Post
The best way to get started is coming Friday evening to a few comps. Walk around and introduce yourself to a number of the teams. You may find you click well with one and they will set something up with you.

Talking with a number of the teams will give you a variety of ideas that you can meld into the great BBQ Team that you will become. What drew us into BBQ was the diversity and high percentage of just good people and their willingness to share ideas.

Coming Saturday, the cooks are in crunch time, it is a good idea to come and observe, but respect that they are there competing and will be focused on getting entries prepared, that is why Friday night is a good time to talk.

Go to and you can sort events by state. There are a number of events in WI.
Understood.. I actually have set something up with Bill. I just renewed my KCBS creds today.

Also spent awhile surfing for the WI Comp section. I may try poor-que in june and may vend at Deaths Door but, I have to see how things are going this summer. I'd love to try more comps but $200.00 entry fee's scare me.
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