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Originally Posted by flyingbassman5 View Post
Prepare yourself for a million different answers.....

Depends on what you are using it for and how you are cooking. Some guys swear that KBB is the devil in a bag and won't touch the stuff with a 20ft pole. Some don't care. Some like me, only use it for grilling and don't like to use it for doing long smokes.

Lump is widely accepted as a good "natural" source of fuel. Some don't like it because it can be unpredictable temperature wise and the quality of some bags of lump are sub par at best. That's a reason most guys will use uniform, quality briquettes over lump.

Me, I use Stubb's briquettes for the long smokes and use either KBB, Royal Oak lump, or Steakhouse briquettes depending which one I can catch on sale at wally world or Lowes for grilling.

All depends on what you like, there is no real clear, apples/oranges answer to which is better than the other..
I agree with flyingbassman5, although I do just the opposite. I like to grill steaks over lump, because of the heat lump cranks out. I prefer KB for long cooks. To each, his own.

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