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Originally Posted by aawa View Post
There will be a temperature difference between the grate and the dome reading. That is normal.

If you are cooking a pork butt at 270 grate temperature you are looking at about 1hr per pound. So depending on the size of the pork butt it very well can reach 170 degrees quick.

P.S. 170 degrees internal temperature, you are at the stall. The collagen and connective tissues are breaking down from solid to liquid. Depending on your grate temperature will also depend on how long it stays at the stall.
Sorry for not responding to the brethrens responses I had a nap. What is weird is that the temp probe read 135 for 5 hrs then within minutes was 180. The weber therm and the maverick have been around 30 to 40 apart. My food probe is at 192.

@iammadman the probes are attached correctly. The meat probe is not giving me problems.

@ buttburner thank you I will try it after butts come out.

@---k--- The probe has not fallen. The probe is not in contact with drippings. The wires are fine. The size of the butt and length of wires prohibit me from putting the bbq probe in the same place as weber therm.

Thank you all for your responses.
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