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Originally Posted by flyingbassman5 View Post
The RO was used with my old Char-broil offset that as since been donated to a friend of a Brethren to get him started into the smoking world. It was modified with the typical mods; gasket, tuning plates, sheet metal baffle, grate level exhaust, two temp gauges on both ends at grate level, etc.

For a 5 or 6 hour cook, I would cruise through two bags of RO (8.8lb bag) easy. Maybe it was just the quality of RO or the lower density of lump but with briquettes I would use an entire bag of stubb's (15lb bag) charcoal plus chunks IF I was fighting the temps, which did happen from time to time.

So if you go by weight alone, I was consistently using more (~18lbs) lump from RO than using about a single 15lb bag of briquettes. 3lbs may not seem like much of a difference for one cook but over the span of 4 cooks, that's a difference of about ~12lbs. Over the course of a summer where one cooks almost every weekend, that can add up pretty quick.

The only reason I stuck with the lump instead of going completely to briquettes was the ash factor. Lump was a lot easier to clean up than the briquettes were and the briquettes would tend to choke down the fire as the ash would build up under the fire grate. Nothing a simple sweep underneath wouldn't help, but still annoying none the less.

Now, all I use is Stubb's in my UDS, PBC, and Coleman bullet since ash build up is less of a factor. For grilling in the kettles, I use whatever I can find on sale or is cheaper than the rest.
oh ok. when you said "a bag" of lump, I did not know if you meant and 8.8lb or 20lb bag

makes sense now
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