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Default Three reverse flow smokers/finished pics by TQ and Tyler

Me andTyler just completed these smokers they are reverse flow 2 patio models and one well could go on the patio the tongue is removeable and i can pick up with one hand. Here are the pics and thanks for looking

Here are the three as a group, Tyler built the patio models it use to be the student and teacher but i'll be darn if that boy ain't teaching Daddy a few things along the way. Heck i call it a blessing!!!!!!!

Tyler model with a ingorganic zinc primer sprayed on it. We are trying a new paint and I think it will be awesome. I am always trying to find the best for the customer. It is pricey but if you are spending xxx# of$$s would you not wnt the best. I read somewhere where one builder said you could not spray a primer on high heat..... He is full of poo poo!!!! They do it in the refinery where i work all the time!!!!!

my model in the shop after sandblasting, all of our cookers are sandblasted first, all of them!!!!!!

after the ingorganic primer and top coat. This cooker is one of the best i have ever built. the door design allows for a lot of meat ie you got more volume. I fired this cooker up went up to 350 degrees down to 300 went tom 225 and the temps remained even across. It is going to be anawesome cooker and it is very versitile. It should be a top seller

The next picture shows the warmer. it has a removeable fire basket that can be replaced with another grate. It has a ash pan so if you want to do dedicated cooks in it you have a vertical cooker also. You can also pulled a slide and get heat and smoke from the cook chamber. This is an awesome cooker and I most defiently going to build one for myself!!!!!

TQ holding the trailer up with one finger our trailers sre balanced for the perfect tongue weight. I do not like busting a gut picking up a trailer

A happy customer

that is Big Red and TQ

Big Red leaving . We Tyler built the bumper on that truck also

This is one of Tyler pato models

he made the wheels I think they look cool

A couple of Tyler's recent bumpers

Wow!! That was a job for me tring to post pics bvecause I a puter illerate!!!!! Thanks for looking
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